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Egg (Not!)™-Low Fat-Low Carb- 1 pound.
1+ $16.69
3+ $15.03
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Product Description: Egg (Not!)™ is a dairy-free, animal-free egg replacer that's made only from soybeans. This vegan egg replacement stores dry; just add 1 rounded teaspoon of Egg (Not!)™ to 2 tablespoons water to replace one egg in your favorite recipe.
This is the easiest and most economical egg-replacer you will find, and you can use it as a substitute for eggs - and even oil or fat - in baking and cooking. Don't try to make a souffle out of it unless you add egg whites, though: even Egg (Not!)™ has its limits.

One teaspoon of Egg (Not!)™ has only one gram of fat and 17.5 calories, so it's great for a lower calorie diet as well.

Cooking With Egg (Not!)™

Egg (Not!)™ binds other ingredients together, so it makes great meatballs and meat-free meatballs, as well as hamburgers and meatloaf or meat-free patties and loaves. You can also use this egg substitute for tasty homemade onion rings, and other breaded treats, and it's a healthy addition to your next smoothie, power drink, or bowl of soup.

Ready for a quick batch of onion rings? Try dipping thick-cut sweet onions in a mix of 2 Tablespoons Egg (Not!)™ and 4 Tablespoons water. Coat the onion rings with ground corn flakes - if you're eating low-carb, use Dixie's Carb Counter's Breading & Batter mix. Bake the oven rings in your oven at 400° or fry as usual. You can dip your french-cut potatoes in the mixture for great french fries, too.

Egg (Not!)™ is made only from Non Genetically Modified soybeans (Non-GMO")

Lifestyles: Gluten Free, Low/No Sugar Added, Vegan, Dairy Free, Low Carb, Low Fat/Fat Free, Low Sodium, Gluten Free & Low Carb

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